Mobile Payment Technology Set to Transform the Insurance Industry

New mobile and electronic payment technologies are enabling insurance companies to accelerate their speed of response to claimants, putting money in their customers’ hands right away. Speeding payments can give early adopters a competitive advantage, while improving operational efficiency.

To find out more see two recent articles in Insurance and Technology News which were contributed by Obopay:

Insurers’ Mobile Payments Opportunity, Part I: Competitive Edge

Insurers’ Mobile Payments Opportunity, Part II: Cost Reduction

Insurance Disbursements

To find out more about Obopay’s disbursement solution go to:

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April 27th, 2012

Mobile Money Southern Asia 2011 – Highlights

The two day Mobile Money Southern Asia Conference was concluded at Leela Kempinski, Mumbai, on September 28, 2011. Obopay was a gold sponsor at the event and Obopay CEO, Mr. Deepak Chandnani was a panelist at the exclusive event. The event was organized with the intention of giving a platform to major players in the M-Commerce field to come together and share their learning while giving them the opportunity to deliberate on the future of mobile payments in South Asia.

Day one, was focussed more on the setting forth the importance of Mobile Commerce with a special focus on India. Deepak was a speaker on this day with the session on Unleashing the potential of mobile money in India: what does mobile money mean for the Indian market? Deliberation on the current state of mobile money transfer services in South Asia was done with the intent of identifying customer needs to better target the market. Queries about the M-Payment services and its mechanism were also resolved.

Day two had a stronger focus on the business perspective of mobile commerce. Sustainable business models were discussed and partnerships between bank and telecom companies were seen as successful example learning from application in Bangladesh.

There also was a Regulator’s armchair session with Shri Srinivas, General Manager, Reserve Bank of India & Mr. Inayat Hussain, Executive Director, Banking Policy & Regulations Group, State Bank of Pakistan, where the regulators answered queries about the laws and statutes governing mobile commerce in the region.

The exclusive event was attended on both days by invitees from the mobile commerce space. Attendees included representative of mobile network operators, banks and MFIs.

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1 comment October 13th, 2011

Obopay CEO Deepak Chandnani predicts a Mobile Money revolution in India

The first day of Mobile Money Southern Asia was hosted at the Leela Kempinski, Mumbai, on September 27, 2011. Obopay CEO, Mr. Deepak Chandnani was a panellist at this exclusive event and also a speaker later in the day.

Deepak took the stage in the first session of the day unlocking the potential of mobile money in South Asia. The panel included eminent executives representing large corporations keenly looking at the mobile money potential in South Asia. They included Gary Singh, MD, Nokia Money; Krishna Kumar, GM Marketing Mobile commerce, Vodafone Essar and Rahul Joshi, Joint General Manager, ICICI Bank.

Current state of mobile payment in the region was seen through the lens of banks and MNO’s. The panel identified trends and hot spots, opportunities for mobile money services, existing mobile banking mechanisms and recognized obstacles facing full deployment of the mobile money ecosystem. Deepak mentioned Obopay’s presence in Kenya, and the rapid growth of adoption in the Indian market. He also emphasized on the huge underserved unbanked segment in India.

Deepak in his address in the pre-lunch session focussed on the Indian market. He concluded that India will have the largest base of mobile financial services users, multiple times the numbers that we see today in markets such as Kenya and the Philippines.

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1 comment October 13th, 2011

The Dial M for Money Contest gets a Winner

The Dial M for Money Contest started on August 24 on the official Obopay facebook page. It was launched with the intention of gauging just how open you are to letting mobile payments into your daily life. We were hopeful of getting varied responses touching upon every aspect of a mobile user’s experience; and we weren’t disappointed! You made sure to overwhelm us with your entries.

Entries received for the contest talk about users wanting capability to shop without limit, to book airline ticket at the last minute and even capability to play unlimited games. There was even an outlandish entry talking about using the phone to enter the house and to start the car. It was positively encouraging to see users getting creative with their responses. Rest assured there are more such contests on the way for our supporters, followers and mobile money enthusiasts.


We have chosen our winners!!

Winners of the Dial M for Money contest (leg August 24, 2011 – September 22, 2011):

A proud winner of the prize worth 100 USD from Facebook: Leah D’Souza

facebook winner

A proud winner of the prize worth 100 USD from Twitter: David Gerbino

Twitter winner


They dialed M for Money and became W for Winners!

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September 26th, 2011

Mobile Bloggers Meet-Up

On August 19, 2011 Obopay India was host to a group of mobile bloggers at our Mumbai office. The meet was aimed at showcasing the Obopay services to the blogging community. Attending the meet were Obopay CEO Deepak Chandnani and Obopay Executive Vice President – Global Alliances, Aditya Menon

The list of attendees included prominent mobile bloggers. Mobile commerce being the most prominent technological advancement it has been the buzz word in blogosphere recently. These particular bloggers were invited for their inclination towards the same.


Mr. Chandnani began the discussion with a quick overview of Obopay and its journey. Further, he delved into the market growth of mobile payment in India and other countries. The presentation was followed by a demonstration of the Obopay mobile payment services.

Following the demonstration the floor was thrown open for a Q&A round. @unitchy and @gauravh1, began the questions with inquiry on how security of private data is handled by Obopay. Mr. Aditya Menon walked all through the entire process. Here’s the link where you can find answers to all questions about Obopay security

@aatifsumar had questions regarding service charges. He was informed about different charges levied by different providers. Questions about the SMS-driven payment mechanism for non-Obopay users were on everyone’s mind.

Below you can find the tweets exchanged during the entire discussion.


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September 10th, 2011

Dial M for Money and C for Contest

To note the rapid growth and massive adoption of Obopay Mobile Payment Services, we are presenting the Dial M for Money Contest. The contest is being hosted on the official Obopay facebook page and will be running for a span of two weeks.

What are we to do, you ask?

We are interested in knowing how open you are to let mobile payments into your life. Obopay has a service whose application is limited only by your imagination. You can tell us the many possibilities in your life where a mobile payment facility would make things easier for you. We are all ears to see how innovative and how practical the ultimate beneficiaries (you) of M-Commerce can be.

- Buy books on the go
- Tickets at the last minute
- Make quick donations

It can be absolutely anything!!

Now why will I be participating, you ask?

Well, there’s a 100 USD prize to be won.
As an appreciation of your effort and helping us understand you better we will be giving away prizes worth the above mentioned amount to every winner.

We are looking at being surprised by your responses and the prizes you win will be a surprise to you as well.

So, if you have had a nagging feeling that your phone can do more for you and if you think you have the one winning suggestion we are looking for click here to participate.

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September 9th, 2011

Universal Mobile Money

Universal Mobile Money
Access to affordable financial services is critical to our life and our work. Yet, this accessibility is far from universal. Mobile banking can change that. Today there are nearly 5 billion people using mobile phones in the world, but only about 1.6 billion bank accounts, and according to World Bank estimates there are over 2.7 billion adults in the world that can benefit from the dramatic changes mobile banking can bring to their lives.

Together with the World Economic Forum (WEF), at part of IdeasLab, Obopay has published a video and an accompanying paper to discuss the opportunity for Universal Mobile Money and how best to address the challenges of making it a reality through an Open Collaborative Model. You can view the video and paper at the links below:

Universal Mobile Money Video:

Universal Mobile Money Paper:

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July 28th, 2011

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