Wireless Data Plans Give At&t a Boost

July 23rd, 2008

In the three previous months, with the final day of the period being on June 30th, top wireless service provider At&t made over $3.77 billion in profit!  This is over $800,000 more than what At&t made in such a period only a year before, marking a 30% increase in profits.  And what can be attributed to such a rise?  Mobile phones of course!  Even though the giant lost over 1.5 million land line customers in the quarter, they have gain over 1.3 million back in mobile customers– and these mobile customers have some serious monthly plans.  With their addition, wireless unit revenue grew 16% and data revenue rose a monstrous 52%.  The global launch of the iPhone 3G was a huge influence, as the company said sales of the iPhone 3G were twice that of results from the first launch in the first 12 days.  Looks like yet another sign of change towards a mobile world.


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