Google Making Their Mobile Search Faster

I don’t know about you guys, but I usually use Google mobile whenever I want to search on my phone.  I’ve seriously been wondering why it’s been loading up a lot faster recently.

According to the Google Mobile blog, they just updated their mobile homepage.  I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s actually really fast given that you are trying to load up pages on your phone.

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1 comment June 17th, 2008

iPod 3G = Reality!!

Sorry. I know I am a day late in covering the new iPhone. As you’ve probably heard by now, Steve Jobs and Apple officially announced that the iPhone is going 3G starting July 11th. This is what Engadget had to say:

Obviously 3G is at the forefront, but they’re also making sure it’s available all over internationally, works with enterprises, runs 3rd party apps… and does it all for cheaper. Apple claims its 3G speeds trounce the competition, with pageloads 36% faster than the N95 and Treo 750 — and of course it completely trounces the old EDGE data speeds.

The thing that interested me the most is the price. I was pretty shocked that Apple would lower the price at first. The 8GB version is now only $199 and 16GB is $299!

But of course, for such a hot product, you figure they gotta make you pay more somehow. AT&T already said that they are going to raise the data plan to $30 a month, which really isn’t that much.

Steve Jobs introducing 3G iPhone

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June 10th, 2008

3G iPhone Patent App Surfaces: IM, Blogging App, Vid Conf

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently published an extensive patent application, seemingly for the 3G iPhone and software version 2.0, both now expected to be released next Monday. Features detailed: IM and blogging applications, Video Conferencing (with front-facing camera), etc.

picture of apple iphone 3g

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June 5th, 2008

How Android Will Change Your Shopping Experience Forever


Android application scan finds pricing and metadata for anything with a barcode. You will be able to source detailed reviews, search online/offline stores for better prices, get directions to other local stores, preview cd’s (yes people still buy cd’s unbelievably!) and check for books in the local library.

Android Bar Code Scanner

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1 comment June 3rd, 2008

The LG Prada Phone


Not sure how many of you guys have seen this, but LG actually has a phone called the Prada phone that is very similar to the Apple iPhone. In fact, they were both announced a couple days apart from each other. Which one came first? That’s up for debate and for you to decide.

Regardless, here’s a demo on YouTube. I know this phone isn’t new anymore. I know people have had it in Asia for a long time now, but it’s not nearly as popular over here in the US. Check it out:

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June 2nd, 2008

iPhone Cases Clearance Sale = New iPhone Has a Different Size


This is interesting. Speck, one of the biggest online case sellers for phones and laptops, has a whole bunch of iPhone cases on a 50% off sale. Now, obviously, we aren’t advertising or selling iPhone cases here so I am not just trying to give them a free plug. But if you think about it, the iPhone is hot. People are buying them hand over fist. Why would they try to get rid of all the cases?

Of course, I am just reading between the lines here, but could this mean that the new iPhone (as in the 3G iphone) might have a different size as the current one? Or the other possibility is that they are just overstocked on these right now, which could also translate to Apple slowly down sales of the current model and the new one is coming out very soon.

Just making an educated guess…

New iPhone 3G cases rumors

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1 comment May 19th, 2008

Blackberry Thunder, The Touchscreen Blackberry

Not sure if this is fact of fiction.  Given that it’s written on a whole bunch of blogs, I would say it’s probably about 75% true.  Regardless, the rumor is that Blackberry is finally coming out with a touchscreen phone!

As reported here, the Blackberry 9500, also known as the Blackberry Thunder, is going to be exclusive on Verizon (in the US at least) for once! I guess it’s only fair.  Blackberry did announce yesterday that they are releasing the Blackberry 9000, or Blackberry Bold, on the AT&T network.

Verizon Thunder?  That sounds like a pretty good Verizon phone name.  Kind of fit in with the Verizon Voyager or the Verizon Chocolate.  Whether or not this can truly fight with the iPhone remains to be seen, but I do know that Blackberry makes some nice phones.  My Verizon friends, your dream might soon become a reality!

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May 13th, 2008

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